• These are the best shaving creams for sensitive skin, according to experts --- VIA HELLOGIGGLES.COM

    Written by Morgan Noll


    Shaving is rarely the spa-like experience you see in razor commercials. In reality, it can be an awkward, slippery charade that can leave your skin feeling like it’s on fire by the end. If you choose to shave and you have sensitive skin, that experience is especially real. Shaving can lead to irritation, inflammation, redness, and razor bumps. For this reason, it’s important to factor in your skin type when thinking about your hair removal routine.


  • These Beauty Brands Are Helping You Take Care Of Your Skin During The Coronavirus Pandemic --- VIA ESSENCE.COM

    Written by Jennifer Ford

    Having spent over a month in quarantine, you may be due (overdue) for an appointment with your dermatologist. Fortunately, beauty brands are making it possible for you to seek help from the skincare professionals from the comfort of your home.

  • Healthier Skin Thanks to Quarantining Your Makeup --- VIA FASHIONREVERIE.COM

    Written by Janine Silver


    To dig in deep and see how we can really improve the appearance and health of our skin during these makeup-free days, Fashion Reverie caught up with holistic esthetician, Stephanie Smith, owner of Stephanie Smith Skin Care in Franklin, TN and a Suki Skincare partner.