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Cancellation Policy

Life happens, and sometimes we need to change course. If you need to cancel your appointment for reasons other than illness or emergency, we require a 48 hour notice to avoid a cancellation fee of $50. A credit card number is required to hold your appointment. You may use another method of payment such as cash, check, or groupon. You will not be charged until the time of your appointment.

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 Seasonal Specials & Sales

We have expanded our team!

We have an amazing team of Estheticians. They have gone through extensive training to master my method of skin care to ensure you receive the same luxurious care you do with me.

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Anti-Aging Facial Package

Each Anti-Aging Facial Package is 3 treatments in one that provides a customized workout for the skin using advanced holistic treatments. In addition to the treatments, you get a skin lesson that addresses several conditions such as dehydration, sun damage, and elasticity
60 minutes  $250 
    Techniques include:
  • Lymph drainage with acupressure and/or facial lifting
  • Microdermabrasion or dermaplaning
  • Enzyme peel or chemical peel
  • Steam (if appropriate)
  • Oxygen Blast or Corrective Masque + Shoulder Massage
  • Microcurrent (lifting/firming) or LED Therapy

A private session may be scheduled, depending on availability for this treatment

Enhance with:
Therapeutic massage $30
Facial Extractions $50

60 minute Balancing Organic Facial / Custom Organic facial, $150

      Holistically treats the causes and symptoms of unbalanced skin and acne
        Techniques include:
      • Head-to-Shoulder Massage
      • Lymphatic Drainage
      • Acupressure
      • Microdermabrasion or dermaplaning
      • Steam and/or extractions
      • Calming corrective masque
      • LED Light Therapy

If given enough notice, a private session may be scheduled for this treatment.

Purchase multiple treatments in advance and save big! Buy THREE, save $75 or buy SIX to save $150!

Men's Detail Facial 60 minutes, $150

        Techniques include:
      • Choice of brow wax or thread or ear and nose wax
      • Steam and a hot towel
      • Extractions
      • Head-to-Shoulder Massage
      • Essential Oil beard treatment


Add-Ons to Full-Priced Facials

20 minutes each, $50
        Choose from:
      • Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning
      • Microcurrent Tightening Treatment
      • Chemical or Enzyme Peel
      • Hydrating O2 Blast
      • Recovery Back Treatment
      • Facial for Child/Teen

Mini Add-Ons to Full-Priced Treatment

20 minutes each, $30
        Choose from:
      • Back scrub
      • Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning
      • Microcurrent Tightening Treatment
      • Eyelift & Brightening Treatment
      • Brow Design or Tinting
      • Healing LED Light Treatment
      • Hand or Foot Treatment

A la Carte Skincare Treatments

All treatments are priced at $99 for a 45-minutes treatment


Skin resurfacing utilizing a diamond-tip tool. Includes Microcurrent or LED Light Treatment

A la Carte Dermaplane

Gentle facial exfoliation that removes light facial hair and dead skin cells to leave your skin glowing. Includes LED Light Therapy or Microcurrent Treatment.

A la Carte Organic Facial [with Extractions]

Quick and easy organic facial with extractions.

A la Carte Enzyme or Chemical Peel

Quick and easy exfoliation of dead skin cells with an enzyme or chemical peel. Includes LED light or Microcurrent Treatment.

Waxing Treatments

Please read my Threading & Waxing FAQs

Each waxing includes a calming masque
Purchase multiple waxing or threading treatments in advance and save big! Buy three, save 15%! Buy six, save 30%!


Perfect for first timers! Sensitive Waxing Treatments take extra time, use smaller wax strips, and gentle waxing products. The goal is a long-lasting treatment with less irritation and discomfort.


45 minutes, $95

Bikini Line

30 minutes, $65

Hair is removed up to 1-inch inside the panty line


30 minutes, $75

Somewhere between a Brazilian and a Bikini Waxing

Back or Chest + Stomach

60 minutes, $95

Full-Arm [30 minutes, $75] or Half-Arm [20 minutes, $65]

This services includes waxing the hands

Full-Leg [30 minutes, $85] or Half-Leg [20 minutes, $65]


Maintenance waxing treatments MUST be booked within 4 weeks of your last session


45 minutes, $95

Fast, gentle Brazilian maintenance treatment to keep your skin smooth and hair-free

Bikini Line

20 minutes, $50

Quicker and less painful than your initial Bikini Line Waxing


20 minutes, $65

Back or Chest + Stomach

45 minutes, $75


20 minutes per zone, $30 per zone

        Gentle hair removal for:
      • Underarms
      • Glutes
      • Lower or Upper Stomach
      • Lower Back
      • Pectorals
      • Shoulders
      • Hands
      • Feet

Ear or Nose Waxing

15 or 30 minutes, $15 or $30

Prince depends on product usage

Facial Hair Waxing or Threading

Brow Design

20 minutes, $30

Gentle waxing or threading to leave your brows full and shapely

Brow Rehab + Tinting

30 minutes, $50

If your eyebrows are looking a little thing these days, you will love this treatment! Includes Brow Waxing or Threading, Brow Tinting, and instructions on how to help your brows grow thicker and fuller

Lip, Chin, or Sideburns

20 minutes, $15


30 minutes, $70

Spa-Style Treatments

Organic Body Glow

45 minutes, $75

Full-body scrub with organic ingredients followed by an application of a custom blend of organic body oil featuring beneficial essential oils

Raindrop Balancing Treatment

45 minutes, $125

This treatment balances the body physically, energetically, and emotionally. Essential oils will be used to assist in stimulating the immune system. Following a light massage, 30 different essential oils are dropped along the spine and pushed into the skin with heated towels to start this rejuvenating detoxification process. Your will leave relaxed; due to this, you may want to have someone drive you home!