• Shave The Best For Last

    By Stephanie Smith


    Here’s how I use Suki Skincare’s Body Must-Haves Kit, which includes their Hydrating Body Oil, Ultra-Protect Body Balm, and Natural Bristle Dry Brush, to create my Flawless Leg Shave Routine.

  • My Favorite Makeup (That Also Matches Your Fitzpatrick Type)

    By Stephanie Smith


    In my studio, I usually complete a glowing facial treatment by applying I Conceal by IMAGE Skincare. It is a mineral makeup base packed with Vitamin C, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, so it’s like a skin treatment, makeup and SPF 30 all in one.


    It will not clog your pores or cause acne; in fact, it will balance and clear your skin! It has wonderful buildable coverage and a natural hydrating finish that is not heavy.


    A great aspect of this makeup is that the colors are neutral and the shades are designed to blend perfectly with your skin’s Fitzpatrick type

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  • Waxing and Threading FAQs

    By Stephanie Smith


    During my time as an aesthetics instructor, I learned that not everyone has the same tolerance to waxing and threading.


    My threading and waxing technique is customized so that all skin types have an experience that is as comfortable as possible.


    Client comfort takes priority over speed. In addition, there will be less breakage, so you will have a longer-lasting wax/thread, with less regrowth.


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