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The online beauty magazine Hello Giggles recently asked my opinion on what to look for in a shaving cream in an article on their website. (The article is also listed on this website in the Media Mentions section.)


If you're not interested in my gentle waxing services, then read on for my flawless shaving routine!


I expressed that the best shaving method for extremely sensitive skin is to use a body oil! Here’s how I use Suki Skincare’s Body Must-Haves Kit, which includes their Hydrating Body Oil, Ultra-Protect Body Balm, and Natural Bristle Dry Brush to shave my legs.



Flawless Shave Routine


1. With gentle upward strokes, use the dry brush to release ingrown hairs.


2. Wet your skin, then apply the Hydrating Body Oil. Massage to create an emulsion.


3. Shave in your desired direction. Shaving against the hair growth direction gives a closer shave; shaving with the hair growth direction gives a gentler shave. Wipe the razor on a dry towel as needed to remove hair from the blade.


4. After drying your legs with a towel, apply the Ultra-Protect Body Balm to extra-dry-skin areas like knees, cuticles and heels.


5. Your skin will stay glowing until your next shower. Exfoliate twice a week to prevent ingrown hairs. Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser is my favorite!


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