About Me


Who am I?


Hello friends! I’m Stephanie Smith, a 20+ year spa industry veteran with a commitment to help people like you uncover the underlying causes of your most problematic skin issues. You can not only look better, you can feel better.


I am also a 40-something single mother, messy artist, skincare nerd, foodie, music lover, and resident of Franklin, Tennessee.


The images of me above and elsewhere on this site show the truth. I am over 40, never had Botox or fillers, and in the first photo, I am not wearing any makeup. I did this to show what is normal for my age group, and what is achievable with holistic skin care.


The women and men I have the honor of knowing in my business are often very negative about their skin, when they should be optimistic! My passion is helping you see your beauty and reach your skincare goals.

Great skin care is not a luxury. This is part of caring for yourself as a human.


As an educator, I can't perform a skin care treatment without teaching. I’ve taught hundreds of regular people how to balance and nurture their skin. Each guest leaves the treatment room knowing the ingredients their skin and body needs to be healthy, and how to spot B.S. beauty myths and untruths.

If you are female or male, young or mature, it’s never ever too early or late to uncover your unique, beautiful skin.


Wherever you are in your skin care journey, contact me now, or put a reminder in your phone to do so soon.


My phone number is (615) 669-0386,
my email is stephaniesmithskincare@gmail.com,
or you can find me in Franklin, Tennessee, at my studio on Mallory Lane.


See you soon!




News About My New Partnership With

Suki Skincare


This spring I have had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Suki Skincare as their featured esthetician.


Suki Skincare and I share the goal of promoting clean, plant-based skincare, free of toxins, made with 60-80% organic ingredients.


Suki skincare is “cosmeceutical grade,” meaning that the ingredients are formulated to penetrate all the layers of the epidermis, and are pure enough to effect real change in the skin! This skincare line is still gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.


To learn about how I am using this product line in my treatment room, tune in to a series of Instagram Lives (@sukiskincare) on Wednesdays at 2 pm central in the months of June and July. Those who participate will receive a gift with purchase.


I’m excited to be adding Suki products to my web store and to my studio for sale and for use in treatments.


Meanwhile, check them out at sukiskincare.com, and use my coupon codes for a discount!


Use the code “virtualfacial” to receive 20% off any purchase of $100 or more, or the code “stephanie” to receive 15% off any product.


I’m happy to be partnering with Suki, and I know you’ll love their products too!